Slave Maker 3, an adult game where you train slaves in the fantasy kingdom on Mioya. This is a fan hentai parody of the game 'Princess Maker'., originally written by Pooloka.

You are contracted to train a girl to become the ideal slave. She will be trained in many fields but sex is a significant part of the training. Each girl has a training time before she is turned over to her owner and in that time you need to try have maximise her abilities.

All characters in sexual situations are 18 or older

To Play

Extract the full installation into a folder of your choice, the archive is a spanned archive so just extract the first part

Windows: run SlaveMaker3.exe or run in you browser SlaveMaker3.swf

Others: run SlaveMaker3.swf

Trouble Shooting

Save Games Disappearing

Games are saved based on the folder you play the game in. So if you rename the folder then the save games are lost. Keep the folder the same and savegames are preserved

Save Games are Local Shared Object, somewhat like cookies. Programs like CCleaner can delete save games as can some high security browser settings

Other sites for the game


My Blog for development notes

Masterbloodfer forum

Futanari Palace


All downloads here will be updated when new builds of the game are relased.


Current game version: v3.2.01

All current game versions will be listed in this section.

FULL GAME - v3.2.01
Download this if you have not downloaded the game before or if you want a fresh copy of the game.

Full Game links:
[ Part I | Part II | Part III ]


[ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ]

UPDATE - v3.2,01
Use this to upgrade a 3.2.0 installtion of the game to 3.2.01

Full Game links:
[ Part I ]


[ Part 1| ]

For install and update instructions, please read further down.



Below are listed any downloads aimed for developers including Software Development Kits (SDKs).

SDK v7
The only avalible SDK for Slave Maker at the moment. For Slave Maker 3.
SDK links:
[ Download ]
[ Download ]



Below are older builds of the game.

Full Game - v2.15.8
Download for the older Slave Maker v2
(includes Riesz, Shampoo, Kasumi & Yurika fixes and Orihime, Darsels assistants Mara, Nara, Ino and Rydia, Powergirl, Samus, Brigit by someone101)
Full Game links:
[ Part I | Part II ]

Release Notes 3.2.01: (28 June 11)

Release Notes 3.2: (26 June 11)

Updated versions of

 Other Changes

Release Notes 3.1.10c: (16 Dec 10)

Note the Shop is slightly different, in the next release it will have categories of goods.
The assistant Shenandoah has been renamed to Shena by request, it is her actual name.

Release Notes 3.1.10b: (12 Dec 10)


For developers

Slave Girls

Release Notes 3.1.10a

- catgirl and other events did not reset between slaves
- Natsu's hunt did not reset
- Harness/Superior harness description and purchasing was broken
- cat burglar options were reversed
- uninhibitory potion could do unlimited expansion
- item placement for Akane/Ranma/Shampoo
- various typos
- more fixes, should have all reported bugs fixed

- Miss.N's party is easier to attend. Shampoo can attend even as your first slave
- Carburglar hunt will happen for all slaves
- More encounters in the catburglar hunt, one appropriate for today. Only 4 per slave so it can take a few slaves to see all
- Catgirl image for Lady Farun
- start of events for Tentacle Hybrid. Just a start, not complete by far

Release Notes 3.1.10

Translation Changes
A lot more of the game is now translatable, over 10 times the previous version. There is a guide in the Language folder for translating. Currently



Americal English

are complete for this release.

Note some text has been rephrased to simplify translations.

Other Fixes
- Item placement on screen fixed for certain cases

- Full/New moon did not match between the diary and the shown icon

- breast/clit/cock size would not change correctly

- Trader skill did not give a bonus to end payment for your slave

- Lady in Waiting and Court Manipulator did not give access to nobles

- some events did not reset properly after end of game

- Small other fixes

- Catgirl training

Initially this is available for all slaves, but only Akane, Ranma, Shampoo get cat ear graphics on the dress images

This training is similar to Minako.

Note DO NOT train Minako yet, she is not compatible with the new system. an update will follow for her.
- Fairy Transformation events

Initially this event will only happen for Akane, Ranma, Shampoo. The rest of the girls will be updated in a later release.

- Devil girl partial transformation

- New bad ending

- Permanent breast and cock/clit expansion events

Initially these will only be permenent for Akane, Ranma, Shampoo. The rest of the girls will be updated in a later release.

- Slave Trainer 5 skill is removed, maximum stat is 200. Some special events can allow stats to reach 300. If you had Slave Trainer 5 skill you will be refunded the skill points.

- Higher levels of Slave Trainer skill will reduce decreases of good stats

- some text and grphics changes to clarify and expland some events

- a basic harness and bit gag can be bought from the stables. The harness from the item salesman is better and more effective.

- I am sure I added more, but I forget for now

- A new SDK will follow

- Please move the call to SetGirlsVitals from Initialise() to StartGame() to enable permanent breast/clit/cock size changes

- New macros are added for translation support and additional functions

- To support the Fairy transformation you need to position the fairy wings on the dress image and add a line to StartGame()

- multiple events and functions for catgirl support. Everything defaults, so you do not need to do anything, but

a) position catears on the dress images and naked images

b) a start/end traning image and an end game image

Release Notes 3.1.09d

Translation Changes
Please also note there are some font changes in this release. On most buttons and a lot of text I was previously using the font "Orange LET" but this has issues, especially when translating and using non-latin characters like cyrillic. There were also issues for accented characters in French and Spanish.
I am phasing out the use of 'Orange LET', until I find a good font I am using either 'Verdana' or 'Arial' font and in some screens 'Times New Roman'. I would prefer a less plain font but these are the simplest for now and are easy to read.
At the moment 'Orange LET' is still used in may places but you may see some odd spacing issues when playing in windowed mode. I will be fixing this, at the least by changing to 'Arial'.
You will also see some layout changes on some screens to support longer words for some languages.

There are translations for the limited user-interface parts now for
These include the slave descriptions on the slave selection screen

Other Fixes
- A dickgirl image appears for Urd during touch action when she is not a dickgirl
- How To Play screen not hidden when loading with F1
- deleting a save game hangs the entire game - for now the confirmation has been removed (that is what hung the game, not clear why)

- Nothing (sorry)

- Servant1Speak and Servant2Speak functions added for twin assistants
- For twin slaves or assistants a random twin is chosen by the game for each act. Varaibles are
The A is the primary, and the B is sometimes referred to. All acts and events are updated to use these

Release Notes 3.1.09c

a) Demonic Cock - no next when Dominiance > 74
b) a rare issue where the slave makers images appear and cannot be removed if you are very quick skipping the initial screens
c) issues for Urd as an assistant getting NaN for Joy, score and gold at end game
d) small optimisations
e) some shortcut fixes
f) fix Alsha's memory issues, she no longer forgets you between slaves
g) Naru had some image errors (cat tail and when loading and she was naked)
h) Fixes for male slaves, a significant load/save issue and some text issues where the game still had she/her
i) some important fixes for FlashDevelop based slaves discovered by people using Slave Builder
j) other small fixes (typos and similar)
k) tab key order improved in many screens

a) A new translation system, very basic and limited to start with. There is a file
for english terms. This can be copied to say French.xml and the text changed. There is a setting in options to select the file
Note using this you can also change the text for the english version.
Again Note the system is incomplete, a lot more needs doing.
b) Two/Single Money pool option - From Slave Maker 3 there are two money pools, Gold and Personal Gold. There is now an option to revert to the previous Slave Maker 2 system of one pool of gold. This is a preliminary change to introducing Freelance Slave Makers, not members of the Guild.
c) shortcut additions/changes
Use Plannings Tomorrow check boxes map to Ctrl+U
Planning Set 1-3 map to Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+3
All More buttons map to Enter
d) Clit/Cock size for slaves on Stat 2 page. Currently these are constants, but will change in future

Changed system for virginity

Release Notes 3.1.09

This has quite a few bug fixes and some new features. There is also additional support for developers and fixes for moose's Slave Builder. Support for external events as well.

Advanced Housework
Tab issues during end game
Optimisations to improve performance
Fixes for FlashDevelop projects
various typo's

Work as Dominatrix blank image
Urd not giving a discount as an assistant (unfortunately not fixed for existing saves, you will have to retrain Urd to get the effect)
+ more

Slave Makers equipment screen
New images for cowgirl, tentacle hybrid, demonic cock
New Slave Maker skill "Tentacle Expert", currently only for selected backgrounds
New story and ending for 'Demonic Cock' background, leading to 2 slave maker endings and background changes
Demon Slave Maker ending is a bit different
New Event - Naginata challenge (more an example of a new system for developers)
New Complex Event - Furry Bondage
- a one off event, will only happen for second or later girls, Slave Trainer 2 skill
- 4 possible endings, one bad, but not a Bad Ending
Hints & Notes

A custom location on the Take a Walk Map
Can handle walk to house if desired (no stardard effects yet)
Questions can be positioned in the main window (see new furry event)
LoadGame()/SaveGame() to allow saving/loading any arbitrary variable
Change slave maker talent/background functions
Assistants can now have Slave Maker skills and if they are greater than your Slave Maker then they will apply instead. Does not apply to Trainer type skills, but does for most others, including Nobility
Custom Events
- a new interface to write a custom event. Works like a simplified assistant, and installs into a new folder Events. See SDK for details

Release Notes 3.1.08

Fixes almost all reported bugs,

Advanced Housework issues
Dress staying stuck when visiting the beach
End of courtesan training got stuck and repeated every visit
scrollbar could overlap the new tabs
some icon issues
some moons were not shown in the diary
some slave/act selection issues
Leave button appearing when deleting actions

More alternate images for Slave Maker jobs, mainly dominatrix and brothel
Pagan gets a custom job
An update check, the latest and current version shown on the title screen. It only checks weekly, downloading a 12 byte file. If you do not like this then block the exe from accessing the web with your firewall.
more small optimisations
Morning/Evening screen slightly rearranged to make room for more content

New debugging tab when SlaveDebugging enables
New dress attributes
New items, including cat ears, faerie wings
Methods for the slaves introduction screen
New SDK on the way

Release Notes 3.1.07

Fixes almost all reported bugs,


Pony Training and other slave skills would disappear after loading a game

Daily events did not happen for some Slave Maker backgrounds

More speedups

Courtesan training was not listed for end game

Leadership skill was missing a description

Some skills listed incorrectly in the saved planning list

Some stats and contests scores were not rouned and got large number of decimal places

daytime blowjob did not work

sex skill trainings changed even if the training was refused

Master and Ponygirl could be queued multiple times

Prancing did not affect dancing

Discuss act referred to contest wins incorrectly

Visiting the Dealer got the equipment button incorrectly

Some image and act selection issues

debug display (-1/-1) removed


When going to the beach she wil automatically wear any dress that is also a swimsuit

New tab structure for statistics. Note shortcut keys PgUp, PgDown

Many more alternate images for contests

New contest, Advanved Housework, only available once a housework contest is placed. Has other requirements too, partially explained

Includes the new assistant Paine

Expanded text for Slave Maker tentacle rapes

Leadership skill bonus to obedience decreased to 0.25 per level

Changes to Slave Maker stats

A number of new functions for developers, a new SDK will be uploaded soon.

Release Notes 3.1.06

Fixes almost all reported bugs, a couple of small issues remain. Some small code tweaks to optimise and hopefully speed some bits up.

Compatible with existing save games.


Assistants were shown on the slave selection screen

Slaves gender were all female

Cumslut Kasumi training other girls to be cumsluts fixed both naming and end-game issues

Ponygirl issue for Shampoo

Sex act touch could get no text, also some generic images would show the wrong gendered slave/assistant doing the touching

Sex act Dildo could get no text

Small text fixes for Rei and Kasumi

strip act is removed from the saved action list if your slave is naked

skill update issues where labels and values did not refresh properly

some undefined's fixed

Practise faith did not show the nun's image. Image also improved with an alternative

Meeting the pony mistress at the docks gave you a bitgag even if you already had one

All minor slaves in the slavemarket had some awkward selection areas, some very small. This is improved

Links in the credits screen are now clickable


2 new generic touch images

some images updated with transparent backgrounds

alternate old faith nun image

load/save screen altered a little to show the gender icons again

Slave Maker and assistant tentacle rapes are recorded in the diary

new markers in the diary, start of training, end of training and current day

tab key works in the options pages

Additional credits in the credits page

New option settings

Lesbians love Dickgirl

if this is enabled dickgirl slaves can enter lesbian training. Sex acts slightly changed and slightly renamed but similar to existing dickgirl cases

Statistics change icons

If this is enabled an icon is shown when a stat changes (as has been done for all versions before 3.1.06)

If this is not enabled a value of the change is shown, to 1 decimal place. This is not perfect as there are some acts that change a value twice, in that case you will see the last change only. I will update this, please no bug reports.

Release Notes 3.1.05

Fixes almost all reported bugs, a couple of small issues remain. Some small code tweaks to optimise and hopefully speed some bits up. You will see the Slave Market screen where you select your slaves girls is a bit faster to load.

Compatible with existing save games, except some changes to events will mean some events may repeat that were intended to be one-off. This will not happen once you start a new game, just for existing games in progress. For example in the Slave Pens you may meet the large breasted slave again.

New features